In-Home Uses for LED Strip Lights

Linear (strip) LED lights are a popular energy-efficient mode of lighting that homeowners can use for a variety of DIY projects. LED strip lighting generates less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs without sacrificing the amount of light provided.

A recent article in InStyle LED  notes that LED lights draw up to 85% less electricity than conventional incandescent lighting and about 18% less electricity than compact fluorescent lamps. LED tape lights are available at most home improvement stores and are a low-cost way to add a professional touch to your home improvement projects.

Strip lighting has become very popular as an affordable lighting option for both commercial and residential lighting applications. There are many brands and products that fall within the LED strip lighting category, most of which are conveniently distributed in retail stores including Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Best Buy, and Amazon.

A few of our favorite flexible LED strip light products

  1. Philips Hue Lightstrips come in both white and colored options in a variety of lengths that can be expanded. There are both indoor and outdoor versions available. These LED strip lights are easy to shape, bend, and extend and can be controlled from a mobile app.
Example of Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus base pack—source: Philips

2. Heise LED Strip Lights are available in single color and multi-color RGB formats with 3M adhesive backing for easy installation.

Heise RGB LED Strip Lights – 5 Meter, 7 Color—Source: Heise

3. Tetra LED Tape by GE is designed for small spaces and signage. Installation is quick and simple, using clamp-on connectors and easy mounting with self-adhesive backing. The tape is available in several colors including white, warm white, and RGB.

Tetra LED Tape by GE—Source: Current by GE

Examples of LED strip lighting in unique professional home design

Strip lights can be used just about anywhere, outdoors and in—the applications are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few examples of how professional designers applied strip lighting to luxury spaces.

A living room in Hong Kong’s Gateway Apartments uses dimmable downlights to create a warm environment.


The Gateway Apartment complex lobby leverages the versatility and flexibility of LED strip lighting to keep the entryway bright and modern.


Billed as an artisanal home, K11 Artus is intended to re-shape the serviced apartment experience. The flats, featuring 70 different layouts, offer unrestricted views of Victoria Harbour, and come with luxury design and amenities.  Specialty lighting is among the special touches.

Source: ARTUS

Homeowners can Emulate the Pros

A recent article in Southern Living highlights LED Strip lighting as great, low cost lighting solution for budget-conscious homeowners noting the GE Wireless LED Light Bar which retails for just $9. For those taking the DIY approach, Family Handyman offers some great tips including a custom tape lighting installation accenting this residential alcove.

The beauty of using LED lighting strips in your home is in their simplicity. It’s easy to install a strip of lights inside a closet, along a shelf, or just about any place where you need a bit of extra light. LED accent lighting is flexible. Homeowners can set a more intimate and comfortable ambiance or create a focal point. Uses are only limited by the designer’s imagination.  Tape lighting, strip lighting and the tools to get homeowners started can be found at retailers such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, Ace and other hardware stores. Lowes even offers this handy “how to” guide to help with lighting selection and installation.